Japanese Conversation (Greetings)

Is the Japanese language difficult ?  Is it difficult to communicate with Japanese people?

Well, this should not be the case.

Once you learn some vocabulary and phrases that are needed in certain situations, you will be able to communicate.


Morning Greetings

Ohayoo    おはよう。   Good morning.
Ohayoo gozaimasu   おはようございます。  Good morning (polite).

Daytime Greetings

Konnichiwa    こんにちは。  Good afternoon.

Evening/Night Greetings

Konbanwa    こんばんは。  Good evening.

Oyasumi(nasai)  おやすみ(なさい)。  Good night.

Expressing Gratitude

Arigatoo  ありがとう。  Thank you.

Arigatoo gozaimashita  ありがとうございました。  Thank you very much (pilite).

itadakimasu  いただきます  Thank you for the meal (before eating).

Gochisoosamadeshita  ごちそうさまでした。  Thank you for the meal (after eating).

Saying Goodbye (Phrases used when leaning work)

Osakini shitsureeshimasu  おさきにしつれいします。  Sorry to leave ahead of you.

Otsukaresamadeshita  おつかれさまでした。  Have a nice day (Good work today).

Saying Goodbye (Saying goodbye to friends)

Jaa, mata  じゃあ、また。  (See you) later.

Mata ashita.  また、あした。  See you tomorrow.

When going out / departing

Ittekimasu  いってきます。  I’ll go and come back.

Itterasshai  いってらっしゃい。  Please go and come back.

When coming back home

tadaima  ただいま  I’m home.

Okaeri(nasai)  おかえり(なさい)。  Welcome home.


Sumimasen  すみません。  Sorry./ Excuse me.

iie  いいえ。  No./ Not at all.

Gomennasai  ごめんなさい。  Sorry.






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