Karuta: Japanese card game

A set of Karuta consists of two sets of corresponding cards of about the size of cards; one of the sets that comes with a picture is for players to take while the other set comes with writing. The dealer reads aloud a writing card and players try to get the corresponding picture card. The players compete on the number of cards they took. “Iroha garuta” is the most popular karuta game and children play the game to learn Japanese characters. The word karuta is said to have been derived from a Portuguese word, “carta“.

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日本語にほんごレベル:中級ちゅうきゅう  日本語にほんご能力のうりょく試験しけんきゅう程度ていど 
(Japanese level: Intermediate  JLPT N2)

カルタは長方形ちょうほうけい手札大てふだだいの、かれたふだふだとがついになったカードゲームです。1人ひとりふだげ、それに対応たいおうしたふだをほかのひとって、った枚数まいすうきそいます。「いろはがるた」がもっともポピュラーで、子供こどもたちが文字もじおぼえるあそびでもあります。「カルタ」という言葉ことばは、ポルトガルの “carta” が語源ごげんだといわれています。






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