Onigiri: rice ball

The name onigiri comes from the way it is made, which is by squeezing a portion of rice tight with the palms of the hands to make a ball of rice. Generally, onigiri is a ball of rice flavored with salt, filled with umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot), sake fish (salted salmon), or okaka (dried bonito flakes), and wrapped in nori (dried seaweed). Nowadays, onigiri is one of the most popular items in convenience stores in Japan  and comes in a wide variation of fillings and flavors, such as onigiri made of canned tuna with mayonnaise and seasoned rice.

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日本語にほんごレベル:中級ちゅうきゅう  日本語にほんご能力のうりょく試験しけんきゅう程度ていど 
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