Question Sentences (JLPT N5 Grammar)

It is very easy to form questions in Japanese. Basically, all you need to do is add 「か」at the end of a statement.

  • 留学生りゅうがくせいです。

    (I am) an international student.

    →  留学生りゅうがくせいです

    (Are you) an international student?

The above sentence, 「りゅうがくせいですか」, is a “yes/no” qustion. Question sentence may also contain a “qustion word” like 「なん(what)」.  In this lesson, we learn how to ask, and answer, questions using the following qustion words: 「なんじ(what time)」, 「なんさい(how old)」.

  • 専攻せんこうなんですか。

    What is your major?


    (My major) is Chinese.

  • いま何時なんじですか。

    What time is it now?


    It is 4 o’clock.

  • マリアさんは何歳なんさいですか。

    How old are you, Maria?


    I’m 23 years old.






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