Mieko’s Japan travel(Naha, Okinawa)

Naha is the political, economic and education center of Okinawa Prefecture.

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In the medieval and early modern periods,  it was the commercial center of the Ryukyu Kingdom.


Okinawa City Monorail


Kokusai Dori (International Street)

This shopping street which stretches for about 1.6km is lined with shops selling Okinawan food and souvenirs.


Shurijo Castle

The splendor of the Ryukyu Kingdom is symbolized by Shurijo Castle, which served as the center of its politics, diplomacy and culture. The unique architectural style with a combination of Japanese and Chinese elements and its technique of rock arrangement are considered to have significant cultural and historic value. In December 2000 Shurijo Castle was among gusuku sites and related properties of the kingdom of Ryukyu designated as the 11th UNESCO World Heritage Site in Japan.


Traditional Costume that Represents Okinawa’s Culture and National Features, the “Ryusou”.









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