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The Best Way to Learn Japanese

They’re many reasons as to why people want to learn Japanese, such as; being interested in Japanese culture, using Japanese for work, or teaching English in Japan. However, most learners don’t know how to study and have no confidence. Maybe

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My Experience of Learning a Foreign Language

  There is no genius superior to effort (Slow and steady wins the race ) 努力どりょくに勝まさる天才てんさいなし This is my favorite proverb. It means, if you never give up, your goals can be achieved. If you sometimes feel like give up, try

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Let’s learn Japanese Language!

The two most important words to remember when learning Japanese are…. Practice (renshuu  練習 れんしゅう)  and Confidence (jishin 自信 じしん)! Practice Japanese eveyday and be confident. Make it a rule to tell yourself..  I can do it.., I can do it.., I

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