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Kendama けん玉(けんだま)

  けん玉だまは木製もくせいの玩具がんぐで、中国ちゅうごくで生うまれ、江戸えど時代じだいに日本にほんに伝つたわったといわれています。 Kendama is a wooden toy which is said to have originated in China and been introduced to Japan in the Edo period. 持もち手てがついた木きの棒ぼうで、棒ぼうの片側かたがわの先端せんたんをとがらせていて、もう片側かたがわには皿さらがついています。 It is a stick with a handle; one end is sharpened into a point and

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Japanese anime film “Kimi no Na wa”

Director Makoto Shinkai’s hit anime feature Your name (君きみの名なは) has become the third-highest-grossing Japanese film of all time, according to a report by the Hollywood Reporter. Produced by CoMix Wave, the film has earned a whopping $196 million at the domestic

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Hanafuda: flower cards

Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game. A hanafuda card is about half the size of playing cards and a set of hanafuda cards consists of twelve sets of four cards corresponding to each month of the year with the

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Karuta: Japanese card game

A set of Karuta consists of two sets of corresponding cards of about the size of cards; one of the sets that comes with a picture is for players to take while the other set comes with writing. The dealer

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