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New Year in Japan 日本のお正月

The New is one of the most important holidays for the Japanese. Most Japanese rest during the first three days of the New Year and many companies and schools are closed for one week or more during this season. しめ飾かざり   Shimekazari

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The National Anthem 日本の国歌

Toward the end of the 19th century, at the suggestion of the Irishman John Fenton, a national anthem was created with the lyrics taken from a 10th century poem and the melody from classical Japanese court music. The word Kimigayo

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Customer Service in Japan

When buying a present for someone at a Japanese shop, several stores will provide free giftwrapping upon request. However, boxes and special wrapping may come at a free, so be sure to confirm this beforehand. Stores will also give multiple

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Otogibanashi: fairy tale

Otogibanashi is a folk tale or old story that is told from person to person. It is originally written with the kanji (Chinese characters) meaninig a story told to an adult by an adult, with the character for togi meaning

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