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Ochazuke: rice with tea

Ochazuke is a simple and popular Japanese dish made by pouring hot green tea or dashi (fish stock soup) over boiled rice, with a variety of savory topping such as umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot), nori (dried seaweed) and yakisake (grilled

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What is enka?

Enka is a type of singing that Particularly appeals to Japanese sentiments in its sentimental lyrics and plaintive music. It began spreading among the general public in the 1930s, and with the postwar appearance of Hibari Misora (1937-89) and others,

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The National Anthem 日本の国歌

Toward the end of the 19th century, at the suggestion of the Irishman John Fenton, a national anthem was created with the lyrics taken from a 10th century poem and the melody from classical Japanese court music. The word Kimigayo

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Customer Service in Japan

When buying a present for someone at a Japanese shop, several stores will provide free giftwrapping upon request. However, boxes and special wrapping may come at a free, so be sure to confirm this beforehand. Stores will also give multiple

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English Education in Japan

English is taught in Japan as a compulsory subject from junior high school. Since more than 98% of students advance to senior high school, they study English for six years in total. It is said that lack of communicative training

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New Japanese national holiday ‘Mountain Day’

山やまを見みてリラックスしましょう! Japan created a new national holiday called “Mountain Day”. It’s to help ease the pressure and stress of office workers who are famous for being overworked. Mountain Day will be celebrated every August 11th this year and it will

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J League

J League was founded in 1993 with ten teams as the first Japanese professional football (soccer) league. It nourishes the basic philosophy of “uniting the club and the local communities”. The men’s national football team (SAMURAI BLUE) has participated in

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Hanafuda: flower cards

Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game. A hanafuda card is about half the size of playing cards and a set of hanafuda cards consists of twelve sets of four cards corresponding to each month of the year with the

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Zabuton: sitting mat or cushion

  Zabuton is a small futon (bedding) that is placed underneath the legs or buttocks when sitting on the floor. Zabuton is very similar to the cushions used in the West, but zabuton is supposed to help one feel more

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Onigiri: rice ball

The name onigiri comes from the way it is made, which is by squeezing a portion of rice tight with the palms of the hands to make a ball of rice. Generally, onigiri is a ball of rice flavored with

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