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Aikido 合気道

合気道あいきどう 合気道あいきどうは、武器ぶきに代かわって、自然界しぜんかいや人間にんげんの内うちに存在そんざいする目めに見みえないエネルギーである「気き」を使つかう、日本にほん独特どくとくの武術ぶじゅつです。「気き」は正ただしい呼吸法こきゅうほうを訓練くんれいすることで引ひき出だせます。これを習得しゅうとくした人ひとは、相手あいての手足てあしや関節かんせつをつかんでひねり、相手あいての力ちからを使つかうことで倒たおしたり投なげ飛とばしたりすることができます。合気道あいきどうは性別せいべつや年齢ねんれいを問とわず習得しゅうとくできるため、昨今さっこんますます人気にんきが上あがっています。   Aikodo Aikido is a unique Japanese martial art which does not use weapons but ki, an invisible energy that supposedly exists in nature and humans and can be derived by training proper breathing techniques. Trained players can

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What is enka?

Enka is a type of singing that Particularly appeals to Japanese sentiments in its sentimental lyrics and plaintive music. It began spreading among the general public in the 1930s, and with the postwar appearance of Hibari Misora (1937-89) and others,

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J League

J League was founded in 1993 with ten teams as the first Japanese professional football (soccer) league. It nourishes the basic philosophy of “uniting the club and the local communities”. The men’s national football team (SAMURAI BLUE) has participated in

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Japanese professional baseball

Japanese professional baseball was founded in 1936 by adopting American baseball as a model and making some adjustments. Now they have two leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League and six teams in each league compete with one another.

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