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Useful Expressions – At the Hotel

Useful Vocabulary ~泊はく ・・・nights  (何泊なんぱく/一泊いっぱく/二泊にはく/三泊さんぱく/四泊よんぱく・・・) ~付つき  with・・・ 食事付しょくじつき  with meals 一泊二食付いっぱくにしょくつき  one night with two meals チェックイン(する)  checking in チェックアウト(する)  checking out シングル  single room ダブル  double room ツイン  twin room ~名めい  ・・・ person(s) 受付うけつけ/フロント  receptionist; front desk 禁煙室きんえんしつ  non-smoking room 喫煙室きつえんしつ  smoking room   Useful Expressions クレジットカードで払はらえますか。 Can I pay by credit

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Counters (Basic Vocabulary)

Native Japanese Numbers In Japanese there are two numerical system. One is the numbers you have already learned, Chinese origin numbers, and the other is the native Japanese numbers. The native Japanese numbers are limited to one through ten. For things which

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Japanese Expression “sayoonara”

There are several good-bye expressions in Japanese, the choice among which depends on the degree of separation. “sayoonara” indicates that the speaker does not expect to see the person spoken to before she “turns a page in her life”; not

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