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Style of teaching

Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced course, JLPT Prep course
Intermediate conversation course, Composition & Speech course, Keigo (polite expression) master course, etc.
Course will be arranged to meet your needs.

Level Style of teaching JLPT Level
Beginner Can help students build a good foundation in Japanese grammar and establish confidence in speaking Level
Intermediate Comprehensively improve students’ ability and help students proceed to the next level Level
Advanced Explain the subtle differences of vocabulary, teach culture/history and help consolidate students’Japanese Level


*English (Chinese) or Japanese medium teaching available according to preference.
*You don’t need any textbooks, we’ll send you lesson materials by e-mail.
*Our school specializes in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.

We offer a 15 minute trial lesson for free!






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Lesson fees are reasonable

Fees for 10 or 30 sessions should be paid in advance. (Valid for 1 year after the payment)

10 lessons 20 lessons 30 lessons



110 USD(11 USD / 1 lesson)

200 USD(10 USD / 1 lesson)

270 USD(9 USD / 1 lesson)



150 USD(15 USD / 1 lesson)

280 USD(14 USD / 1 lesson)

390 USD(13 USD / 1 lesson)





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